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The Pilot - Damon Meyer

I’ve been a private pilot since 1991, Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) member and Instrument rated pilot since 2004, and have accumulated over 1200 hours in a variety of single engine land airplanes. I have wholly or partly owned 3 airplanes in the past 15 years – a 4-seat Cessna 172, and two 3-seat Cozy aircraft. I knew I wanted to fly around the world the first time I flew this plane on a 6 hour flight, hopped out of the cockpit and said to myself "Can we please do that again?"

The Plane - Cozy III N22AZ

The Cozy is a single engine, pusher (engine in the rear) airplane with two seats in front, and one slightly larger seat - or baggage area - in
the back. The Cozy is a “canard” aircraft, so named for the short canard (canard French for “duck”) wing forward of the swept-back main wing, giving it the appearance of being “backwards” from a conventional small airplane. It is a slightly widened and improved version of the Long-EZ, which was designed in the late 1970s by renown aerospace designer Burt Rutan.

I have owned my current plane, N22AZ, since August 2013. The team has modified the fuel system with auxiliary tanks and
necessary plumbing to expand the plane’s endurance from 8 hours to 17 hours in the air at normal cruise speed. This allows the plane to fly nonstop up to 3200nm (nautical miles), enabling planned flights up to 2400nm in length with significant reserves for adverse weather or routing. I will attempt to set a new world record in the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the international governing body for sanctioning and recognizing aerospace world records) category “C1-B”, which is “internal combustion powered airplane under 1000kg
takeoff weight”, for a global solo circumnavigation. In the process, I intend to record the entire circumnavigation in HD using GoPro cameras to edit into a film upon completion of the trip.